Real Estate

Representative Cases

  • Case was a partition action for a building owned by dozens of co-tenants. The Court supervised the sale of all interests. Building sold for over $30 million dollars.

  • Mediated several tenant vs. landlord cases including claims of violation of habitability standards brought under the San Francisco Rent Stabilization Ordinance and California Civil Code.

  • Mediated two consolidated actions arising from the purchase of commercial building in San Francisco. A sophisticated real estate developer purchased a commercial building from a sophisticated landlord. Seller/landlord disclosed to buyer only a single tenant who operated a fitness center on the premises, but in fact that tenant had sublet a portion of his space to a martial arts instructor and a physical therapist. Landlord/seller agreed to pay tenant $150,000 to buy out his lease. Buyer discovered sub tenants’ claims to possession during escrow, and seller/landlord denied knowledge of the two sub-tenancies.

  • Buyer sued seller for breach of the sales agreement and indemnity. Subtenants sued master tenant, buyer and seller for wrongful eviction. Master tenant sued seller for breach of buy-out agreement. Seller cross-complained against all. Several insurers were involved, each of whom had provided a defense with a reservation of rights, adding to the difficulty of the negotiations.

  • Resolved a case in which parties held title to a single family dwelling as joint tenants with a written contract concerning their respective rights to occupy the property and obligations to pay mortgage, taxes, insurance, etc.

  • Handled multiple cases concerning the rights of TIC owners in small (2-3 unit) residential properties owned as TIC.

  • Handled a partition action involving the sale of approximately 100 fractional tenancy in common interests in a large mixed commercial residential building, with sale ending at $26 million.

  • Handled a homeowners' association case involving the re-designation of common use areas.

  • Resolved a mediation regarding parking in a TIC agreement.

  • Handled a case in which a landlord prohibited tenants from owning pets and tried to evict a disabled tenant who had a service dog.